How it works

How does it work? is a community of writers and content creators in Ireland. It is essentially an aggregation site, making it easy to find content you love.


If you join the tribe, and create an account, you will be offered the chance to personalise your feed. So, if you love travel, you can select the travel tag, and we’ll share more travel articles with you. The more tags you select, the more stuff you’ll see, so go mad; you never know until you try it!


Love something? Let the creator know and click the heart icon on the article. Sharing the love helps the community find great stuff and encourages the creators.


Just arriving at your stop? Just bumped into an ex? Why not save what you are reading for later. You can find all your saved articles in your account settings.

When you click on an article, you are brought to the creator’s website. How exciting! You’ll still be within our realm though (you may notice our little bar at the bottom of your screen). This means you can still interact with all the great content and share the love or save for later.

Any questions? Any hiccups? We’re here to help. Just say