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Stephanie Buckley

Stephanie Barry-Woods Stephen Wynne-Jones

Eat Sleep Chic is an Award Winning Irish Travel, Food and Lifestyle Blog by Stephanie Buckley. Stephanie enjoys active travel, finding hidden gems for foodies of all tastes and experimenting with the latest beauty products. When she's not busy writing about her last trip in Ireland or abroad, she's busy planning her next adventure. Some of Stephanie's most memorable trips include sailing in Mauritius, searching for the Northern Lights in Iceland and cliff diving in Thailand. Winner of the "Most Aussome Travel Blogger of 2018" with and Aussie Hair Official, and Winner of Big Blog Exchange 2014 with Hostelling International, Stephanie has her fair share of blogging accolades. With a baby on the way, Stephanie is dipping her toe into the "Mommy Blogging" scene - so watch this space for lots of new and exciting parenting content! Follow Stephanie's journey over on her website and instagram @eatsleepchicblog for daily updates and photos.

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