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Sapana Behl

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Sapana Behl is a Waterford based vegetarian food blogger. She’s an Aquarian, food fanatic, amateur food photographer and recipe developer. Her blog is a repertoire of simple, easy and healthy recipes from India and around the world and is suitable for people of all ages. The inspiration behind this blog is her family and they are the sole food taster and food critic of her recipes.

She loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen for most of the day. She loves exploring different cuisines and trying new food recipes. Whether it is Indian, Italian, Mediterranean or African cuisine, she has tried recipes from many cuisines and posted on her website.

Over 7 years of her recipe inventions and food blogging carrier she has worked with a range of popular brands of US, India and Europe. She is Publisher at Honest Cooking Magazine and has endorsed many brands including Badia spices, Chiabia, Santa Rita wines, Seed necessities, Hill Bros and Celestial tea.

When she’s not cooking, she loves watching food documentaries, practicing Yoga, or Crocheting.

Her motto is staying healthy, keep eating healthy food and enjoy life. Every day is a present from nature, so nurture and live it like it’s your best day!

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