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Nicola Lavin

Nicola Halloran Nicola Naessens

Nicola lives in the West Coast of Ireland in the cobbled-street town of Galway. Life before her blog was very different. After spending 5 years in college she qualified as a medical scientist and loved working in a busy hospital lab doing blood tests for the patients to figure out what was wrong with them. She's a secret nerd and she loved it! Little did she know just how sick she was. After spending a summer in New York in 2001 she came home with more than a suitcase of dirty laundry. She didn’t realise it at the time but she had been bitten by a tick and had contracted Lyme disease. She became ill that she couldn’t do the job she loved anymore and became completely bedbound and reliant on her amazing husband Mister Lavin for everything. Blogging and documenting her life on instagram kept her sane and gave her a purpose again. She was determined to get back out exploring the world so she researched and found a revolutionary treatment. Nicola had stem cell treatment 2 years ago which made her well enough to live her life again. She has the unique perspective of coming from spending 5 years, only able to look at the four walls of her bedroom, to now seeing every corner of this beautiful world and it is something that she says she will never take for granted. She's living life with a twist of Lyme.

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