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Kel Galavan

Keelin Riley Kerry Manning

Kel is a mum, personal finance blogger and lives in beautiful Kildare with her husband and 2 fantastic kids. She writes about money, building financial security and mindset. She is the wit behind the personal finance blog She has a unique and sometimes humorous style of tackling money issues while raising a family in modern Ireland. She has an MSc and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years! A career that she loved but stepped back from in the summer of 2018. She felt children's childhood was passing her by and wanted to spend more time with them as they grew. So, having a deep love for personal finance and making money work for her she stepped back from her job and set about making it possible to live a good life on one income. Kel loves all things money, saving and personal growth. She has just embarked on ‘The Year of Less But Better’. This is a year she is bringing her family on her journey of embracing minimalism, spending as little as possible (No Spend Year) while still living a full life and exciting life. She can be found on Instagram @mrssmartmoneyhq chronicling the trials and tribulations of raising kids in this consumer driver world and all other things money related. If you want to get better control of you money and enjoy your life while doing so, join her on her blog at or over on Instagram, it’ll be fun.

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