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Kel Galavan

Keelin Riley Kerry Manning

Kel completed the No Spend Year in 2019 and will soon be an author of the book about that life-changing year where she cut her families outgoings by €27,500! She has been on the Ryan Tubridy Show on RTE radio, Ireland AM, Jennifer Zamparelli show on 2Fm, Dermot & Dave on Today FM and many other great shows, podcasts and newspapers.

She is a mum, money blogger, and Budgeting Coach. She lives in beautiful Kildare with her husband and two fantastic kids. She writes about budgeting, building a positive money mindset. She is behind the money blog She has a unique and sometimes humorous style of tackling money issues while raising a family in modern Ireland.

Kel more than anything wants to help others to make their money work as hard for you as you do for it.

She can be found on Instagram as @mrssmartmoneyhq chronicling the trials and tribulations of raising kids in this consumer driver world and all other things money-related. If you want to get better control of you money and enjoy your life while doing so, join her on her blog at or over on Instagram.

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