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Katie Hogan & Luke Gibney

Katia Valadeau Keelin Riley

Exhausted from life's pressures and not feeling ready to truly ‘adult’ yet, Dublin couple Katie and Luke took a chance at not growing up by running away from the societal life and all its responsibilities. Back in 2017 the Ungraceful duo quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and said their goodbyes as they headed for Dublin airport with a backpack and a one-way ticket to Mexico city Starting their adventures in Latin America, nearly two years later, together they have experienced things that they never thought were possible. From life living in the Peruvian Amazon with the Shipibo tribe, gaining skills working on a chocolate farm in Colombia, hiking with over 940 dogs in Costa Rica to volunteering for a number of organizations and schools, hitchhiking the Bolivian Salar on a salt truck, and walking over 30km to Machu Picchu. It's been incredible. But as they confirm, they are just getting started. The latest Ungraceful Guide adventures have taken Katie and Luke to Southeast Asia, where the mayhem continues. The most recent leg of their journey started with volunteering at an animal sanctuary in Thailand where the couple spent nearly four months exploring Thai culture. Traveling through Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia by land, they document their adventures through social media, cringe-worthy videos and their online travel guide which focuses on the basic details and information to help you follow their route. Together they continue to delve into cultures and history, eat as much food as possible, learn, discover, teach and leave with some great memories and even funnier moments. The Ungraceful Guide describe themselves as an Irish couple and self-diagnosed wanderlust sufferers who are traveling around the world, one ungraceful step at a time. And as they always say, it doesn't matter if you laugh at them or with them, just be sure to join them.

Articles by Katie Hogan & Luke Gibney