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Helen Desbois

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Helen Desbois is an entertainment and lifestyle blogger who moved to Ireland from South Africa a little over a year ago. The world of showbiz is very close to her heart as she has been an actress, radio & tv presenter and voice artist for more than 20 years. After having her child in 2008, Desbois realised that she would have to turn down offers of musical theatre touring productions and jobs that would take her away from home and needed to expand her creativity elsewhere. The move to radio seemed to be the obvious choice, with her vast experience as a professional voice artist and the airwaves became an important part of her journey. After hosting various shows on several stations and scooping several radio awards, she was also given a platform to present her own entertainment segment called Showbiz In Full HD. The variety of content available was so vast, that she decided to take her features and interviews online, thus was born.

Over the years, the blog has gone from strength to strength and Helen passionately covers all things theatre, music, tv & film and red carpet events not to mention lifestyle, beauty and fashion on her 'Full HD Extra' page, including interviews and video clips. She even won Media Woman of The Year for 2018/9 back in South Africa.

Showbiz In Full HD has also recently added a new segment during these times of lockdown, called 'SmallBiz In Full HD where Helen promotes small businesses in Ireland and the UK with a feature and interview. This added content is being so well received, it might just be a keeper. Desbois has armed herself with all the tools needed to curate audio and video content for her blog and continues to curate content for brand collaborations and event promotion with a classy and original style.

Helen has interviewed Dynamo Magician, Jennifer Rush and Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong'o to name a few people. She can be heard on Dublin City FM on 'Good Morning Dublin' on Tuesdays from 10-11am, where she also shares some of the interviews from her blog.

Showbiz In Full HD will roll out the red carpet for any brand or event, whether it be entertainment, lifestyle, fashion or beauty.

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