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Hazel Demsey

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Hazel is a parenting and lifestyle blogger from Dublin, Ireland. She lives in sunny Barcelona with her lovely husband and toddler twin boys, where they are building an eco-friendly wooden house near a forest outside the city. She’s the force behind a blog for feminist parenting… with a touch of humour (because even feminists like a bit of banter!). Pop over to her blog to explore; body confidence for new Mamas, toxic masculinity and our sons, sexist messages in children’s books, gender stereotypes, practical advice on how to be a feminist parent and of course the inevitable ‘much more’. Hazel is a regular guest blogger over on and has also been featured on the self-care website www.5formum Always honest, rarely out of her pyjamas, usually trying to bring humour to a bit of a tough topic, Hazel wants to share her message with parents that everybody needs feminism, especially our little boys and girls. Join her on instagram (@motherofsnot) where her addiction to trying to make funny parenting memes may be getting out of hand

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