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Geraldine Renton

Fiona Staunton Geraldine Walsh

Geraldine lives in the City of The Tribes ; beautiful Galway with her husband and three boys plus thier newly added dog, Lola. Geraldine has been writing publicly for three years and won Best New Blog of 2016 . Since then she has had her work published on many different sites from all over the world, The Huffington Post, The Journal, The Mighty , to name a few. More recently she has had a short story published with Project One Million , which aims to raise much needed funds for Cancer in the UK. Geraldine is currently a Netflix Stream Teamer meaning she gets some treats from Netflix every now and then ; and she knows her Netflix ! Geraldine writes about her unusual life while battling every day with the harsh reality of raising a child who has Hunter syndrome. Geraldine finds humour and perspective in her daily life . She is the fixer of toys, feeding tubes, electric chairs , scrapped knees and televisions.

Articles by Geraldine Renton