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Ellen Brophy

Elaine Tobin Emma Maguire

When Ellen was asked to describe herself she used the phrase ‘consistently inconsistent.’ This sums up the writer of the wonderfully scattered Blush Belly and Babies! After gaining a qualification in makeup artistry, Ellen fancied giving blogging a go. She’s not sure how it happened but along came three glorious humans for her to rear. Having once referred to her brushes as her babies, the real life people were taking over. Her writing developed and now she’s proud to call herself a Mammy Blogger. Her children are her daily muses and they never leave her short of things to write. On her website Ellen has broached subjects as varied as leaving her partner to the fact that she never wants to own a dog. Being a single mother doing it all on her own gives her writing an angle that’s very relatable. Her honest approach pulls no punches. She’s a straight talker but her favourite type of writing is designed to make people smile. Her facebook page contains comedy sketches that she records with the help of her children. She even had a guest appearance on a sketch by the hugely popular Fupin Eejits. Ellen hopes to do more sketch work in the future. Her fearless attitude and funny stories will have you thinking and laughing in equal measure.

Articles by Ellen Brophy