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Elaine Tobin

Eimear Hutchinson Ellen Brophy

Elaine is a lifestyle blogger based in Co Wicklow. Her blog, My Slow Lifestyle is a place for her to share family life, lifestyle, travel, some of her photography and everything in between. Elaine started blogging back in 2011 where she shared family life on their farm. Then in November 2017 she started My slow Lifestyle as a place to share the rest of her life as well as some farming. Elaine is a Montessori teacher but has recently decided to stay home and work from there. Elaine also has a passion for horses and teaches horse riding. She is a Mum to three boys, two grown and one that's nine and married to the farmer. She loves to read, take some art classes, her horses and spending time outside with her camera. Elaine shares her days on Instagram stories and most of the photos she takes.

Articles by Elaine Tobin