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Darren Brooks

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Darren is the Working Dad. A regular joe who lives in Ireland, The Working Dad is married and has 2 boys, 15 (Dylan) and 9(Liam) and a wonderful wife (Jodi). They live in a small house with negative equity (as most people in Ireland) in Meath and both work – Darren during the week mainly office based as a senior manager in a leading NGO and his wife works most weekends as a care assistant. This leads to little family time. Darren is aiming to update the blog on a regular basis with his own thoughts and that of mates on raising a family in Ireland – what the kids get up to, dealing with long-term illness for the younger of the kids and what this means while the eldest also. What works and what does not. As well as cool gadgets and gizmos he loves.

Articles by Darren Brooks