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Charisse van Kan

Cathy Martin Charlotte Knee

Charisse is a stylist who specialises in food styling and photography. She is passionate about wellness and essential oils and is a Mum to two children. Her blog focuses on quick, easy, tasty food recipes, as well as recipes using essential oils in (food, home cleaning, natural diy beauty products and recipes that are child and family friendly).

She has extensive styling experience having worked in the past as the Head Food Stylist of a major publishing company, working on magazines, cookbooks and on many campaigns for food brands.

Charisse loves and enjoys spending her time in the kitchen, baking and cooking, exploring food through different cuisines and dreaming up new recipes. As well as that, she is also interested in the use of essential oils to promote physical and emotional wellness.

Ideal for brands with a focus on Food, family & wellness.

Instagram - @charissevk

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