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Meeting my new hero to talk colour, Joan Collins and art

An interview with Holly Bryan - Dulux Colour Consultant

Disclaimer: this blogpost is written in partnership with Dulux

Picture this - two people sitting in a corner of Telfords in Portlaoise discussing Joan Collins, a mutual love of colour and descending into fits of giggles. Now you have a short version of the interview I conducted with Holly Bryan, Colour consultant with Dulux.


I love to talk, it's true, but I was so nervous about interviewing Holly for this piece. I worried that I would babble too much, wouldn’t think of the right questions, or that I wouldn’t get to the heart of why Holly loves her job. But here’s how it played out; we met, she presented me with mini doughnuts, and instantly she became not only my colour hero, but my actual hero. And yes I probably did babble too much.

Holly was with a client when I first arrived, so I pottered around setting up. I could see just how engaging she is, how she puts people right at ease and has endless solutions to their colour dilemmas. It’s no mean feat, it’s an intuitive quality.

Moda by Dulux

The colour consultation itself was brilliant. And although I felt I had some plan beforehand, Holly provided me with even more ideas for my room. But more about that and my chosen palette at a later date.

Holly Bryan

As we began our interview, I asked Holly about her own creative experiences, and it is abundantly clear that her role as a colour hero is so much more than a job, Holly really loves colour.

Holly, how long have you been a Colour Hero?

Two years. It was a new role when I started. We (The Colour Heroes) have been involved with it since its inception. It’s been great, because there was no blueprint there when we started, so we have been developing it with Dulux, and it has grown from there.

What qualities do you feel it takes to do your job?

You must be super passionate about colour and aesthetics in general, about making spaces look and feel really gorgeous. That’s the biggest driver. You have to be really, really excited to go and talk to people about colour. And I am. I am happy to talk about it forever!

How does colour impact your life?

Colour revitalises you. If you have a space, and you suddenly start introducing new colours, you look at it completely differently. It’s the same as your wardrobe, if you are constantly wearing one colour and you then change to a different palette, you feel renewed and excited.

When you are not working, what do you love to do?

I love hearing about new artists, any artists in fact, and getting to see their work. It’s a lovely thing to do. It’s so inspiring, and it reminds me of the limitless things you could be doing in your own space, and I love that.

Who are your style icons?

I have always loved Joan Collins, she is unapologetically glamorous. She is so gorgeous. But I have a million style icons. Anyone who is really just going for it, I love that.

What do you love most about this job, about helping people?

One of the most interesting things about this job is you will talk to someone for a little while, then they will go home, they will make whatever we have created here happen. They will be living in a whole new space. Their environment will change. A lot of people will come back to show you the results of their room makeover. They will come into the shop, contact me or email Dulux directly. It’s so satisfying seeing a makeover that you helped design, it’s a huge thing.

The consultation

Holly’s next client then arrived, with a dilemma regarding a shop front, and how to make the interior inviting. And just like that, she was back to pproblem-solving, creating a plan and enthusing the shop owner about the chosen palette.

MOda by Dulux

Disclaimer: this blogpost is written in partnership with Dulux.

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