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SPOTLIGHT: Making a splash in the makeup world

We spotted the incredible work of Faye Miller on Instagram, and we just had to talk to her.

She creates unusual makeup looks, her creative flair abounds. Faye is currently studying Makeup Design for Stage and Screen in I.A.D.T, and while her passion is clear in her work, she hasn’t always been clear on what she wanted to do.


“I didn't know what I wanted to do when I finished school. I did a Business and Arts Management course for two years but it just wasn't for me. During my time in this course, I always had an interest in makeup but didn't think I could do it as a career.”

Having garnered over 13k followers on Instagram, she has proven that she certainly can do it as a career. How has she learnt her craft so quickly?


“I think with a lot of makeup artists, we are taught the basics but it's by practising and trying new techniques ourselves where you learn the most. College has taught me the nitty gritty such as hygiene and etiquette but it's up to you, the artist to practise constantly.”

And practise she has. If you are looking for unusual and inspiring looks, her feed is perfect for you. Could we wear them on a night out though?

“My Instagram looks would be perfect for a festival, maybe not a night out, but it's totally up to personal style! My makeup is always so simple when I'm heading out, you wouldn't think I created the looks on Instagram, if you met me.”


“I also do makeovers and bridal makeup on a freelance basis and these looks are more beauty focussed. I work closely with clients to make sure their makeup is perfectly suited to them and their style.” 

How does she create her looks? Well, some of it is down to the products she uses.

“I love to water activated face paints and glitter is a must. Anything with colour in it really. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with brands such as NYX, Makeup Geek and Mehron.”

“For my makeovers and bridal looks I use brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Illamasqua, and NARS.”


As with any creative industry, Faye does hit a wall at times.

“Sometimes I feel uninspired for whatever reason and it can be quite difficult to get back into the swing of it.”

So, what does she do?

“Try to find inspiration through Pinterest, or colours I might see within nature, fashion and everyday life.


Her advice for budding makeup artists:

“Keep practising! And be creative, it's so much fun! Even if you don't like a look you have created, don't be afraid to share it! Because someone else will love it!”

If you are looking for some instant inspiration, check out Faye’s tutorials in her Instagram highlights

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