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Katherine Beirne

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Katherine or alternatively known on the realm of the internet as @PetrolRose is a creator, leprechaun and general social media weirdo based in Dublin. Katherine loves adventuring, people and colour. Her content incorporates these three with the main focus being on her trials and tribulations in attempting to becoming an adult. Her blog often features topics such as exciting things to see & do, fashion & beauty and a spot of Irish culture (she does look like a walking Irish stereotype to be fair). Katherine has a focus on a similarly young adult audience. Hence, her tagline "Attempting to be an adult one misstep at a time.." Her 20k+ following is made up of 47% 18-25 year olds and 40% 25-35 year olds. Katherine likes to think of her part of the internet as the fun part. She enjoys taking others on her weird and wonderful adventures. You can check them out on Instagram as @PetrolRose and on her website!

Articles by Katherine Beirne