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This Irish store has the best Michael D swag ever

Have you been to Maktus in Dublin yet? They are honouring this presidential candidate in the best way ever.

The Independent Irish gift store has released yet another mad range that we can't help but love! The unique store in George's Street Arcade always has something new, creative and eye-catching. This time, they are using the Irish presidential election as inspiration for the creative outlet.

Making the most of 'Miggledy'

The range of products are still making us laugh. It includes coasters, badges, pins, postcards, and particularly brilliant Michael "Tea" Higgins mugs.

Michael "Tea" Higgins

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According to Aidan Prior, Maktus’ creative director; “We’ve discovered that ‘Miggledy’ has an enduring appeal with the people who come through our door in search of our Micheal “Tea” mugs and other products. What’s more, he has been an amazing supporter of the arts throughout his career and we’d like to honour that by giving a couple extra ways for people to demonstrate their love for him with our range of designs. If it’s a badge of Ireland’s president riding a BMX through space or an illustration of his fabulous mug on a mug, we can hook you up! Hopefully it will help him get re-elected!”


Did you know?

Maktus has an in-house design team that works on the myriad of creative products. Their aim is that the products are more than just humorous, but that they are fucntional and stylish too. The best bit? They promote the skills and talents of Irish designers, so when you buy a Maktus product, you are supporting an Irish artist.

What's not to love?!

The store is online too

Find the store here: Maktus, Unit 21/22 George’s Street Arcade, Drury Street Dublin 2

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