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SPOTLIGHT: The story of a small Irish blog

‘Lovely To Meet Me’ blogger, Rachael Taylor Fawsitt, shares her blogging journey with us

Ireland has more than its fair share of high profile bloggers. They are media superstars who have built empires by sharing their lives with us. What you may not realise is that there is also an army of 'petite' Irish bloggers. Petite in the sense of a smaller following. But don't be fooled, they have just as much to say. They are out there creating and telling their story one blog post at a time. I would consider myself part of that army.

Where it all began

I started writing my blog ‘Lovely To Meet Me’ in 2016. I was 27, single, I hadn’t seen much of the world and I was overwhelmed with an urge to improve my life. Tired of mulling through and only half enjoying it, I knew I needed more. I wanted to travel and experience the world for myself. I wanted to be more creative and most importantly I wanted to figure out who I was.

So, I took the first step. I worked out a wise way to use my annual leave and I planned trips around bank holidays. I took Mondays off here and there and I made it happen. All in all, I visited more places in those 12 months than I did in my entire life (probably triple, if I'm honest!)

Eiffel tower, Paris


I gained so much along the way. I found that with a passion for life came a need to write and share my stories. My first solo trip and first blog post went hand in hand. I wrote about how scared I had been to take a risk and travel alone, and how it had paid off. About how proud I was of myself and how hungry it had made me for more adventures. I posted it not believing anyone would actually read it.

The reaction was amazing. People reached out who I hadn't heard from in years, along with people I’d never even met before. They could relate. I learnt something very valuable through that blog. If you want to connect with people through writing you have to be open and honest. That is something that has stuck with me ever since.

Saturday morning cycle in Central Park, NYC

Creative process

I usually tumble with an idea for a week or two before I sit down to write. Not very productive you might say, but I am working to my own deadlines. I blog because I love it and it gives me creative satisfaction. My day to day job is very deadline orientated so with blogging it is nice to go at my own pace.

Not every piece makes the cut. I always question if I have been TOO open or wonder if anyone actually needs/wants to know that much about my life. So, if I am not 100% happy I don’t post it. The goal is simply to be proud of every piece.

The best way I find to get my creative juices flowing is to listen to what is going on around me. A really good conversation can be all it takes to trigger an idea. I also try to focus on what I am learning whenever I have a challenging moment in my life, a ‘bad day’ can easily inspire creativity if you are paying attention.

Street Chess in Amsterdam

Keeping it fresh

Unfortunately, powerful moments don’t occur on demand, so I often hit a creative wall. I could go weeks without a good idea or story, which can be frustrating. My way of tackling that has been to look at other areas I get enjoyment from and write about them. Travel was a natural fit, it made sense to start writing about the cities and places I was visiting. I also decided to set myself a cooking challenge for 2018 which has opened me up to a new type of blogging. It's all about adding more strings to my 'blogging-bow'. that way when the big creative moments don’t happen I have other areas I can dip into to fulfill my creative needs.

Dairy Free cheesecake on Lovely To Meet Me

The positives

Writing a blog is like offering someone a little window into your life and mind. It has given me a chance to share who I am with people I may never have known if the blog hadn’t opened the door. It has gifted me with a voice I didn’t always have and eyes that are open to the world. And finally, it drives me to get out there and look for new experiences so I can learn and write about them.

I know that my life will continue to branch out in new directions. There will be lots of new chapters ahead. I chose the name ‘Lovely To Meet Me’ because I don’t ever want to stop growing and learning new things about who I am. Like any relationship, the one you have with yourself is ever evolving.


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Words by: Rachael Taylor Fawsitt


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