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How to create a room with style

Bronagh Fleming of shares how she created an inspiring space with Moda by Dulux.

Three years. Three long years I lived with the last of the plain walls in our house. All other rooms had been infused with our personalities, with colour and quirks and art. Except, ironically, the room where I was supposed to be my most creative, my study.

At first, I was so busy with the other rooms that I didn’t think too much about it. Then, once I started utilising the space, I thought I should just try living with the magnolia for a while - that it wasn’t a big deal. But it's funny how the colour of a room can have an effect. I couldn’t stay in there for any length of time. It became a wasted space, which is not a luxury we have in our small bungalow.

It was time to get ‘The Plan’ in to action. The practical things to consider? It’s a small room. It’s north facing, albeit with a large window so the light is consistent. But the most important thing to consider? It’s my space and it has to suit me.

My study

I need a dynamic workspace, ever hopeful it will result in more creativity. I wanted rich tones and depth. Dulux Moda have created five colour capsule collections and for this space was drawn towards the Mineral Glow palette. It makes life a whole lot easier, having the collections to choose from. The hard work is taken out of matching colours and tones. I decided on Gatsby Blue immediately for all the walls, I love the inky richness.


My desk is beside the window, getting all that great natural light. I love that it’s vibrant and busy, and I wanted to offset it with a quieter, more reflective space to the left – my spot for a cuppa. I decided on a gallery wall, making the various elements pop with the introduction of a background colour from the palette.

My desk

I tested out Cable Knit and French Mists, deciding to go with latter as it worked better well with the natural light the room gets. I added the scalloped border to introduce a whimsical element. It reminds me of a thought bubble, and I could do with more of those.

The thought bubble

I wanted to get the Tilbury Teal in to the scheme so I painted an old chandelier fitting and hung it from the ceiling. I used the Cable Knit tester to paint the oval picture frame.

Tilbury Teal chandalier

So there you have it, my new and improved study. By using this professionally designed palette I was able to create my own unique interior with confidence. I am already spending way more time in here, designing, writing and planning.

The finished product

Have a look at the five collections below, which ones are your favourites?

1. The Subtle Glamour collection to me says Hollywood Regency, it's dramatic and luxurious. You could add gold accents and plush textures to create an opulent look.

Subtle Glamour

2. The Mineral collection is good for those of you wishing to try out dark décor. Pair Gatsby Blue and Tilbury Teal for a dynamic feel and add touches of True Fiction for extra depth.

Mineral Glow

3. The Him and Her collection has a real grown-up elegance to it. I love it, and am currently guilty of  leaving the colour card lying around trying to convince Mr Fox Hollow that we need to update our bedroom. I keep getting drawn to ‘Foxglove’ and ‘Amaranth’.

Him and Her

4. True romance is bright and energetic, the neutrals contrasting with fresh greens and pinks. Ideal if you wish to incorporate a playful element to your interior.

True Romance

5. Coastal Calm introduces colours inspired by sandy beaches and is suitable for any space where you are seeking tranquility. It’s a light and airy palette that would suit any room size.

Coastal Calm

Disclaimer: This blogpost is sponsored by Dulux, but Bronagh's views are her own.

Words by Bronagh Fleming, of

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